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Screen printing machine buy need to know
Time:2014-2-9  Visits:2938

With the development of the times, more and more places need to screen printingmachine in the course of life and work, although we often use to screen printing machine, but a lot of people, the screen printing machine purchase and other related knowledge, still don't know much, often see some customers to buy the silk screen printing machine, not only of poor quality, and the price is very expensive,below koni printing machine Xiaobian to tell you, buy silk screen printing machine,several points needing attention:

To advance the understanding of the purchase price of approximately screen printing machine

Before buying, can advance to the Internet to find the corresponding some screen printing machine manufacturer, general understanding to the approximate price,they need to buy silk screen machine, general brand screen printing machine more high in quality, the price will be higher than the ordinary screen printing machine,the enterprise at the time of purchase, should from set out actually, buy time, try to choose the relatively high grade machine, if relatively small scale enterprises, orenterprises in the development stage, can consider to buy a silk screen printing machine affordable, so you can save money.

How to after sale service printing machine manufacturers

For screen printing machine the large machinery, in normal use, there will beproblems, therefore, after sale service is very important, good service business is not easy to find, if often and enterprise cooperation, it must be in the after saleservice will do very well, if no previous exposure and the enterprise, where Koenigscreen printing machine Xiaobian recommend: prior to the relevant enterprises factory, understand the relevant service, see the strength of the company,employee spirit appearance, equipment exhibition situation, can largely determine the enterprise customer service service quality.

Understanding of printing machine manufacturers to provide related services

Generally speaking, screen printing machine manufacturers will provide printing machine for buyers, but also provide some ancillary services and materials, whichneed some screen printing machine at the time of printing. As we know, screen printing machine printing quality, not only related to the quality of equipment, but also related with the corresponding silk printing machine to screen printingmaterials, we don't because of the low quality screen printing materials, and affect the final screen printing machine printing effect, to provide a more completesupporting service, can save a company a lot of trouble.

The above points, we are enough to buy a silk screen printing machine, points, can not be ignored in addition, product brand is also very important, koni printing machine has been in the industry to be way ahead, rising quality screen printing machine, printing effect is better, the customer has been received, we constantly improve product quality at the same time still, improve service quality, we have a dedicated professional customer service team, for customers in the machinery in use, timely solve various problems, encountered, and thoughtful service, won the customer the consistent high praise.

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