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The development trend of glass screen printing machine and innovation
Time:2014-5-16  Visits:2704

From 2003 began to contact the glass screen printing machine, just some glasses, simple decoration, there is a circle of decoration is very beautiful. This is the most simple, now the exact use glass printing more generally, development up to now, more and more widely used, is a chemical, glass, bottles, including electrical appliances, refrigerator, air conditioner, choose glass; and building,especially the building, the 2008 Olympic Games of glass products are basicallyscreen printing; another airport building No. three, nearly billion in sales of glass.Last year we sold 2 tons of ink, why now glass fire, here highlight a energy saving and environmental protection, beautiful. The first is the energy-saving, for example glass printed on color, outside summer ultraviolet irradiation does not go, from the inside to outside see is very transparent; second is the winter choiceWailimian, outside the sun can also go in; the third is environmental protection,such as refrigerator past is plastic, the glass especially tempered can alsorecovery; the last one is beautiful, so with the development of the market, themore and more widely used in glass.


One of them is that the traditional screen printing machine, what is the differencewith the glass screen printing machine. The problem I think is very good, but Ifeel, screen printing machine based on the principle of all is the same. Any of aprinting machine as long as the screen printing, basic principle is the same, butto segment words, can be based on efficiency, automation level, and positioning method and so on, this equipment is different from the degree of automation, anddifferent precision, many types of equipment, like our koni printing machineclassification can be divided out dozens of kind of, even hundreds of.

Now I think we can also, especially in China, and even abroad, the world famouscompanies in the procurement of our equipment, our equipment is comparable tothe international famous company's products, because our equipment is alsoexported to Europe, South Korea, a few countries Africa etc.. Glass screen printing machine can be attributed to a flat printing machine, to say what is different with the ordinary, that is for example paper is not grooved, glass is not the same, the glass is relatively hard, can be slotted, can automatic film, above the transmission machine, can also automatically positioning. Glass screen printing machine, application scope is very wide, we come into contact withscreen printing machine is the main vehicle range, and architectural glass, glassand even small household electrical appliances, electronic industry, I went to afactory in North China two days ago, they have the demand for silk screen printing machine, so the application is very wide, and the prospects are verygood.

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